Hotel Corsignano Pienza

A comfortable 4-star hotel set in the most beautiful and unspoiled Tuscany setting. Just 300 meters from Piazza Pio II, the heart of Pienza, the ideal city of the Renaissance. Hotel Corsignano is the perfect starting point for discovering the Val d’Orcia and its beauty, along the road of colors you have always thought of. A hotel in Val d’Orcia dedicated to true travelers, romantics, lovers of good food and culture.

Via della Madonnina, 11 53026, Pienza, Siena
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Our hotel was obtained from a structure that already existed in the eighteenth-century “Catasto Leopoldino”, but one has reason to believe that since the Middle Ages (given the location near Porta Burelli) the building may have been used as a refuge by the Sienese fleeing from the Florentine Army.
The rear rooms overlook a magnificent view that sweeps between the Val d’Orcia and Val d ‘Arbia. A large and panoramic garden opens onto this frame, where a swimming pool has been built which, due to its characteristics, recalls a medieval fontone.
The remaining rooms, some on two floors, allow you to breathe the typical atmosphere of the ancient Tuscan village

Via Lapini, 6, 53024 Montepulciano, Siena
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